Zosia Boutique 
Zosia Boutique has been established since August 2017. Owner,  Aliyah McBride, a twenty two year old #GirlBoss had a vision to create a chic online women's boutique where she could display her creativity in regards to photography and fashion. As a #GirlBoss she put all of her hard work and dedication into making her vision a reality. In less than six months Aliyah opened her FIRST EVER online boutique, Zosia Boutique!!!
Zosia Boutique Mission Statement 
Zosia Boutique is an online boutique devoted to providing women quality, chic, sassy, and fabulous attire for all occasions. Zosia Boutique focuses on providing women with conversational fashion statement pieces for all occasions. Zosia Boutique wants every customer to feel confident and fabulous in every item they purchase online. 
Zosia/ZO-OH-SH-HA/: Wisdom 
Zosia stands for wisdom in Greek. Zosia Boutique's Elephant logo stands for wisdom and knowledge. Aliyah chose the name "Zosia Boutique"due to women being able to display their wisdom through the attire they wear. A wise woman always dresses for the occasion.